Less T, more SQL

A pearl of water above the surface

The new SQL Server is coming soon. Fortunately, on the day of release, there will be more novelties than on the last iPhone release, so we shouldn't be disappointed.

As a fan of pure SQL in T-SQL dialect, I am particularly glad to see IS [NOT] DISTINCT FROM predicate in our toolbox.

I remember my training sessions for beginners when I showed examples of set logic fundamentals in T-SQL and the feeling of participation in a magic trick.

I remember pieces of production code, when using pure SQL spells introduced simplicity and elegance into the product.

The declarative side of T-SQL makes my programming experience so different, and so intellectually satisfying... It's like touching something ethereal or spiritual. Using imperative logic to achieve a goal - because of performance issues, time pressure, whatever - for me as a SQL developer, rarely comes without a fight.

I know - there are loops, ifs, and counters under the hood, and we need indexes, but using pure SQL, for a moment, I can forget about all the internals, about time and determinism, and contemplate the miracle world of sets and logic.

Because of that feature, thank you, SQL Server Team.

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